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Heavy Duty Electric / Shunting Winch

“GRIP” make Electric / Shunting Winch are simple hoisting machinery and are used mainly for lifting loads but in some applications they are employed to haul them. These are available in numerous arrangements and can be classified as under:-


1. According to the means of traction employed

a. Single Fall Rope winch 

b. Multiple Fall i.e. through Traction pulleys

2. According to the way of mounting

a. Stationary winch (floor, wall and ceiling mounted)

b. Mobile winch (trolley or crab mounted and travelling over the floor or an overhead track)

3. According to the number of drums

a. Single drum 

b. Twin drum

4. According to the type of drum used

a. Grooved

b. Plain Drum winch

“GRIP” Electric / Shunting winch are widely used in various erection and repair jobs as well as in construction industry. These are also used for hauling trolleys / material from below the ground like mines, tunnels etc. It is also a common machine found in railway workshops for hauling Railway rolling stock, Locomotives etc.



“GRIP” make Accommodation Bogie are designed for supporting and movement of EMU coaches in side the Railway Workshop after the coaches have been lifted and their service bogies removed for repair and overhaul.



“GRIP” Transfer trolley are used for inter-bay transfer of components on ground between different crane bays, from one work station to another or from production to storage area.


Transfer trolley are an integral part for any Industry catering to General Engineering & Fabrication goods, Automobiles, Foundry & Steel Plants with varied capacity & size depending upon the specific application / Job to handle. These trolleys are also used extensively as Paint booth & Shot Blasting trolleys.




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