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GRIP Make Underslung Cranes / Offset Crab Cranes

Underslung Cranes

“GRIP” make Underslung Cranes construction consist of Bridge Girder fitted to end trucks operating on the lower load carrying flange of the runway girder usually supported from the building roof trusses. “GRIP” make underslung cranes are available in Single Girder as well as double girder construction depending upon the load carrying capacity and the crane span.

These cranes can also be called as TRANSFER CRANES as they can be used to transfer loads from one bay to another either directly from crane to crane or by fixed transfer sections.

These cranes normally find applications where the load is to be transferred from one bay to another, as this type of load movement is not possible with the conventional top running EOT cranes.

Also incase of hook approach closer to side walls these cranes finds preference.

Offset Crab Cranes

“GRIP” make Offset Crab Cranes are specially designed for buildings/sheds with low truss elevations or other obstructions which may restrict the Height of lift required for certain specific applications.

Since the hoist runs along the side of the girder, the headroom between the hook and ceiling/truss is reduced substantially than that of any other conventional crane with Underslung Hoist types, hence the available building height can be better utilized, thus very Economical solution.

These cranes are available only in Single Girder Monobox Design upto a capacity of 20.0 Tons with a span of 20.0 mtrs.