An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company


The activities of design, manufacture and assembly of EOT Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Jib Cranes, Hoists, Winches and other equipment covered in our product range, are carried out at the manufacturing facilities located at Sikri, Ballabgargh Area of Industrial Town FARIDABAD.

The Fabrication & Assembly Bay is equipped with guided profile cutting, guided straight and circular cutting, SAW, MIG &Arc Welding equipment. This Bay is 27 m wide serviced by 2 Nos. 25 ton &2 Nos. 10 ton capacity EOT Cranes which in tandem can handle 50 ton pieces. These cranes have enough height of lift to permit assembly of Goliath Cranes.

This Bay also has a Load Testing Pit, where load and overload test of Cranes can been carried out. Dead loads upto 200 T are available alongwith suitable lifting tackles.

This plant also has a Hoist & Sub-Assembly Shop in 2 Bays, each serviced by 2 Nos. EOT cranes of 3 ton & 10 ton capacity for handling Hoist components, Complete Hoists & sub-assemblies.

This plant also has a machine shop in auxiliary bay for machining sub-assembly components like wheels, pulleys, axles, rope drums and other machined components and is serviced by 3 Nos. Semi-Gantry Cranes of 3 ton capacities for loading and unloading components on machines. Raw Material Yard is also available in this Bay serviced by 15T EOT Crane for Loading & Un-loading Round, Square, Hex Bars & Forgings.

The Electrical Shop, manufactures Control Panels, which are completely wired and fully tested, including Insulation and High Voltage Tests. Quality Assurance is ingrained in the fabric of ‘GRIP’. At all stages of manufacture, unwavering attention to quality is given and inter alia some of the tests to which components at various stages are subjected are:

Completed Cranes are fully assembled and inter alia the tests carried out are:-


Parallel activities right from Drawing, manufacture and assembly of EOT Cranes, Goliath Cranes, Jib Cranes, Hoists, Winches and other equipment covered in our product range, are also carried out at our another manufacturing facility located at Medchal, R.R. District in state of TELANGANA.

At MEDCHAL also we have a similar infrastructure setup as in FARIDABAD Unit, with all requisite Material Handling & Machining facilities to cater to vast customer needs of manufacturing big capacity cranes with large spans. Clients have an added advantage on placing order with “GRIP ENGINEERS” that wherever throughout India the equipment is to be supplied and installed it can be made available from the nearest manufacturing unit. This saves a lot of money required for transporting such heavy duty structures. Hence a customer sitting in southern part of India need not to incur extra Freight expenses for transporting his cranes to northern India and vise-a-versa.