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'GRIP' Wire Rope hoists are designed and built for today’s heavy-duty applications & are ideally suited for virtually any lifting application. State-of-the-art design features and construction make 'GRIP' hoists extremely durable, highly reliable & very low maintenance for years of trouble free service. Its modular design & versatility provide a vide range of capacities, lifts, hoisting speeds and control options, making it possible to meet almost every industry application including usage in Hazardous environment.

The compact design & closer end approaches of 'GRIP' hoists suits the existing / new facility, reducing or eliminating the need for costly rebuilding or remodeling & hence making it the preferred choice of all.

'GRIP' hoists are available in two basic models: Single Reeved & True Vertical Lift with options of movement on Straight / Curved runway track.


Salient Features of 'GRIP' make Hoists..